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  • The Inspiration for “It’s Me”

    Tombo here with your latest update on Battlehooch happenings! We are very excited to release “It’s Me” into the world, our latest single written by yours truly. Find it both digitally and as a Limited Edition Flexi-disc (plays on a record player) here

    It's Me single

    In January 2016, the band and I headed to Southern California to spend a week writing songs. Seeing an opportunity to sneak in a motorcycle ride, I geared up and left San Francisco on highway 1 headed south. Chilled to the bone on my first night’s ride, I stopped on a particularly lonely section of road south of Big Sur to warm my body and ease my nerves.

    The rumble of the rocks crashing with each wave against the seashore replaced the snarl of my bike, and for a moment I pondered my existence, how small I was in the universe, and how vulnerable I felt at that moment – was there some beast waiting in the shadows to make a midnight snack of me? Suddenly the sounds seemed to amplify  and overwhelm me as my mind spiraled into a state of primal fear. I quickly suited up and got back on the road;  relieved to hear my machine come alive once again, a feeling of companionship settled my worried mind. I journeyed on through the night, missing the one person I wanted to share it all with.

    The song features a saxophone loop which is a leitmotif for the resulting centaur of me and my machine as we roll down the road together. Since it is dealing with fear, vulnerability and loneliness, yet striving to evoke the feeling of movement to the listener, the song has a melancholy feel paired with a seductive and active bassline; a hemiola against a steady and simple drumbeat.

    Thanks for reading! Here are the lyrics to “It’s Me”, followed by a few photos taken on the trip.

    It’s Me

    Desolate reaches remind me of beaches
    when it rains or when there’s a storm.

    In my head, it’s a deafening dread,
    a fear that crashes upon the seashore

    Of what? It’s me, it’s me.
    And how do I escape my doing?

    The comfort, compassion of
    my sole companion:

    a fire breathing centaur,
    a stubborn beast that sets me free.

    Of what? It’s me, it’s me.
    And how do I escape my doing?

    Free, and I want to be with you.
    Alone, and I want to be with you.


  • April 10 2017

    It’s been an eventful month. Treefort was awesome. Highlights included opening for Delicate Steve, & participating in the 12-band circular sonic explosion known as Band Dialog. Big ups to the excellent Boise band Marshall Poole for hosting us & rocking our socks off. Back in Cali, we played a super-sweet DIY festival put on by the lovely Rainbow Girls called Bodega Day. We also had an excellent send-off show at The Chapel with our friends Royal Jelly Jive and Loco Tranquilo. Thanks, San Francisco! Oh, and our van got stolen… Crossing our fingers about that. Next up though, we fly to Berlin to begin our European odyssey! Love, Battlehooch

  • March 1 2017

    Today, Battlehooch is logging studio time in Berkeley, crafting some brand-new never-before-heard tracks.

    We are preparing for an exciting Spring season. March brings our annual pilgrimage to Idaho for the Treefort Music Festival. Then, on April 8th, we will be performing at The Chapel in San Francisco. Shortly thereafter, we will be flying to Europe for our first international tour! The second half of April will be sent playing shows in Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. A dream come true for all of us!

    In addition to performing live, we will be releasing songs periodically throughout the year. Our latest jam just debuted on the NYC music blog Pancakes and Whiskey. Take a listen to Cinder Block and “transport yourself to a seemingly more pleasant and highly-psychedelic reality:”